Why Is My Shower Smelly?

You’re stepping into the shower to get started on your nighttime routine, when you are hit with a very foul smell. If your shower has been smelly as of late, it can be due to a couple of reasons. You’ll want to learn more about possible causes for a smelly shower, so you can get on the case and get a plumbing professional to offer a solution, and fast! Smelly shower? Some of the most common causes can include:

Clogged Drain

If your shower is smelling foul, one of the most common causes can be a clogged drain. Debris, hair, soap residue, and other grime can become trapped in your shower drain over time, leading to a massive clog. This clog causes a major backup in your drain, which in turn causes a very bad odor to accumulate in your shower area.

Biofilm Buildup

Biofilm is a substance that forms from bacteria and bacterial waste. Long story short, it’s a form of bacteria that can stick to a variety of surfaces, including your shower. One of the most common types of biofilm to inhabit showers has a pink-orange tone. If your shower is smelling awfully unpleasant, it can be a result of this biofilm buildup.

Leaky Pipes

If there is a terrible sewage odor in your shower, this may be due to a leaky pipe under the shower or in the walls near the shower. Pipes should be trapping sewer gasses, so when there is a leak in one of them, there is pressure released and sewer gasses can escape.

Sewer Line Clog/Damage

If you notice a less-than-pleasant odor coming from your shower drain, the culprit may not even be your shower! In fact, the root of this foul odor may actually be a clog or break in your sewer line that is near your bathroom plumbing. In this case, all drains in your bathroom would be emitting some very bad odors.

Dry P-Trap

A p-trap is a curved part of your shower drain that catches and holds a small portion of water when you shower to keep sewer smells at bay. When there is no water in the p-trap, sewer gasses can travel through the drains and out into your shower. If you’re smelling something terrible, like rotten eggs, it may come down to a dry p-trap.

Let Plumbing Experts Handle Your Shower Woes…

If your shower stench is from a drain or other plumbing issue, let a plumber in Victorville or a plumber in Whittier get the job done! By letting a plumbing professional take care of your shower smells, you can get back to enjoying a nice shower without having to worry about getting hit with any bad odors or other plumbing issues. If you suspect one of the reasons above is the cause for a really bad smell in your shower, don’t delay! Call a plumbing expert to take care of this issue and leave you with peace of mind.

Benefits Of Regular Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance can do wonders for your vehicle. Did you know many vehicle owners delay car maintenance? By putting off car maintenance services, you are actually doing your car a disservice, but just how much?  Here, we’ll explore some of the benefits that come with regular car maintenance, and you’ll be surprised at just how much maintenance services can do for your car!

What Areas Does Car Maintenance Cover?

When it comes to car maintenance, some of the areas covered include:


  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotation
  • Checking and replacing fluids
  • Replacing air & fluid filters
  • & more!


What Are The Benefits Of Car Maintenance?

Benefits of regular car maintenance includes:

Increases Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

By performing regular car maintenance, you are ensuring your vehicle stays in excellent working condition for long. Cars that have regular maintenance services as needed go much longer without incurring damages and needing repairs. Your car will be able to be on the road for much longer with maintenance, making sure you don’t have to break your budget for a new car anytime soon!

Increases Your Safety

You want to make sure your vehicle never puts your safety at risk. With maintenance services, you don’t have to worry about parts breaking or your car stalling in the middle of the road. It’s safe to say that regular car maintenance can drastically cut the risks of your safety while driving.

Lowers Fuel Costs

When there’s something wrong with your engine or your tires need rotation but you keep putting off maintenance, this can actually start to affect your gas mileage. Due to the stress of any repair or maintenance issues, your car will have to work harder to make up for malfunctioning, and this will usually mean more gas being used up. By getting regular car maintenance, you are making sure that your fuel is not wasted and you are not making one too many trips to the gas station!

Helps The Environment

If you’re particularly passionate about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that getting regular maintenance not only Services your car, but the planet as well! When your car has been in need of maintenance for a while, it can start releasing harmful emissions, like smog, in greater amounts. By getting maintenance services, you are making sure to prevent this from happening, doing your part to keep the air clean!

When Should I Get Maintenance Services?

If you’re wondering when you should get maintenance services for your vehicle, it is recommended that you get maintenance completed at least every 12 months, sometimes sooner depending on how much mileage your car acquires!

Need An Auto Repair Shop In Yucaipa?

Regular car maintenance can benefit your vehicle in a variety of ways. For a Yucaipa auto repair and maintenance shop you can trust, call the dedicated crew at Import Automotive! When your car is well-maintained, you will notice the difference on the road. A happy car means a very smooth and happy ride!

Why Water Heater Maintenance is Important

our water heater can be an extremely important part of your home. Without it, you wouldn’t have hot water! Just like with any other appliance or fixture, making sure your water heater gets regular maintenance is crucial. But just how crucial? Here is why water heater maintenance should never be delayed or ignored.

Extends Lifespan

You want to make sure your water heater stays working for a long time, especially if it is a newer model you’ve recently installed. Regular maintenance can make sure any issues developing in your water heater are regularly addressed. By making sure all maintenance is up to date, your water heater may last you a long time.

Ensures Efficiency

Part of regular water heater maintenance involves flushing out sediment buildup. Your water heater may be prone to buildup of calcium and other loose minerals, and if ignored, this buildup can harden and slow down your water heater. By keeping up with regular maintenance and flushing out your water heater, you’re making sure everything works as smoothly and optimally as it should!

Monitors Water Temperature

When your water heater stops working, you may find yourself without any hot water! You may also find water temperature dramatically fluctuating, which can be a tedious thing to deal with at home. Regular water heater maintenance ensures a professional monitors water temperature during the session, so you can be confident your hot water will be available without a single bump in the road.

Saves You Money

With water heater maintenance, you are actively working to prevent water heater damages down the road. Water heater maintenance can save you the expenses of dealing with any surprise repair expenses. Water heater maintenance can also reduce the risk of water damage to your property from a leaking water heater. Also, you won’t have to worry about having to replace a water heater earlier than you’d like, saving you the cost of a brand-new water heater system as well.

Gives You Reassurance

One of the last things any homeowner wants to deal with is a malfunctioning water heater. By getting regular water heater maintenance, you are letting a professional take care of spotting and solving any water heater issues that may be developing. Getting regular water heater maintenance gives you the reassurance and peace of mind that water heater problems will be the last thing you have to deal with!


Regular water heater maintenance has a variety of benefits that you as a homeowner can appreciate. Water heater maintenance ensures your water heater is in excellent working condition, isn’t suffering from any damages you may not be noticing, and can also save you money when it comes to dealing with repair expenses and other energy costs. Looking for a plumber in La Canada Flintridge or a plumber in Los Angeles that completes thorough and timely water heater maintenance? Call up the professional and reliable team at Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning! Your water heater will be in the best hands with our diligent crew!

Does California Have Dog Bite Laws?

We all love to meet new furry friends, but not when a dog bite occurs. Dog bite accidents are a serious matter that can have great consequences. Oftentimes, dog bites may occur for a number of reasons, and the victims can pay a large price in terms of painful injuries. Dog bite incidents are still underreported when it comes to laws and what to do after a dog bite incident occurs to you. You may be wondering, does California have dog bite laws? Can you file a claim if you were bitten by someone else’s dog? Read on to find out.


One-Bite Rule

The one-bite rule essentially holds owners liable if their dogs have already bitten someone once before. If a dog bites someone once, then the owner will be held liable if a biting incident happens again. This rule does require proof that the owner did something wrong. For example, if a dog bit someone but there was no prior evidence the dog had bitten anyone else, the owner would not be held liable. If a dog bites someone once and this is the second incident, now the owner is held accountable.


Strict Liability Rule

The strict liability rule for dog bites holds the owner accountable for the dog’s actions even if the owner took all the necessary precautions. For example, if a dog escapes from its cage that it was placed into by its owner for precaution, and manages to bite somebody, the owner is held liable.


What Does California Practice?

California has been practicing the strict liability rule for dog bites since 1931. This means that any dog bite incidents that happen in public places or where the victim had a lawful right to be place the dog’s owner under liability and they can be determined to owe the dog bite victim compensation.

However, California does also practice the one-bite rule for specific cases, such as:

  • The owner is not the one being sued for the dog bite attack
  • The victim of the dog bite was trespassing on the dog owner’s property
  • The victim assumed risk of dog bite injury or was partially responsible for their dog bite injury
  • The dog was a law enforcement animal in the line of duty


California does place strict liability on the owners for most cases of dog bite incidents, but there are a few that may place the blame on victims. Particularly when the victim was committing a crime such as trespassing or knew that they were at risk for a dog bite.


If you were in a public place and were bitten by a dog that was without a leash, neglected by the owner, or other reasons, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim for financial compensation. Dog bites can leave horrible injuries to tend to, so you’ll want to get a consultation for your claim as soon as possible. For a personal injury attorney in Ontario, call the team at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.











Top Winter Wedding Trends 2021

Winter weddings allow you to experiment with so many cool (pun intended) variations of themes. If you are at a standstill while planning your wedding because you just can’t narrow down theme specifics or colors, then don’t worry. Every season, there are always seem to be emerging trends that can provide inspiration for future nuptial ceremonies. Here are some of 2021’s top winter wedding trends, so you can find inspiration for your big day!


  • Rose gold/ dark wine color palette- If you want a dramatic flair of colors for you wedding reception, rose gold and dark wine are two hues that offer both glitz and romance when paired together. From floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, and invitations, incorporating this palette into your celebration is perfect for a winter wedding.


  • Nature-inspired theme- Think snow collecting on trees and crisp green plants with cream and white hues. A nature-inspired theme is also the perfect choice if you or your future spouse have a green thumb. Decorate your event with natural elements such as ivy, leaves, and various plants and delicate flowers. Also, use natural pine cones, holly, and other ‘wintery’ natural elements to boost the nature aesthetic and wintertime season aspect of your wedding at the same time.


  • Velvet gowns and accessories- When we think of winter, we think of cozy candlelight, warm blankets, and incredibly soft and rich velvet. Velvet is an exceedingly popular material to sport in the winter, so you may want to think about incorporating this luxurious fabric into your wedding. Not sure how to add velvet to your wedding? Think bridesmaids dresses and linens.


  • Lights, lights, and more lights- Lights seem to give a winter feel no matter what time of the year it is. For your wedding, go all out on various string lights and hanging lights. Go for plentiful candle arrangements or suspended candle detailing. Have little lights woven around your welcome sign for guests, as well as to light up trails to and from your venue. Your wedding will definitely glow!


  • Outdoor weddings- There is something about the crisp coolness of winter that is making many couples say yes to an outdoor wedding. Keep warm with heat lamps, a venue with an outdoor fire pit, a coffee/hot chocolate bar to replace (or backup) happy hour, and other cozy elements. If you want to have an outdoor wedding but want to provide a space where guests can mingle in warmth, a tented space is the perfect solution.


Having a winter wedding can open your world up to a variety of new and innovative solutions for colors and decor. If you want to forgo traditional or add some funky new elements to your wedding celebration, the list above will hopefully provide you with inspiration. If you are having an outdoor winter wedding and would like to look into professional tent rentals in Santa Barbara, Town & Country Event Rentals is the place for you. Your winter wedding will dazzle guests and most importantly, celebrate your union perfectly!


Why Is My Hot Water Pressure Low?

As the seasons change and the temperatures start to drop, you may be looking forward to a relaxing hot shower before bed. When you get into the shower and discover your hot water pressure is very low, this may become a huge cause of concern for you. There are a variety of reasons why your hot water pressure could be low, whether you’re in the bathroom or your kitchen. Here are some of the explanations on why your house’s hot water pressure may be quite low:


Limescale Buildup

When your household has hard water, aka water filled with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium, this can create a residue of calcium and magnesium called limescale. Limescale can coat your showerheads, appliances, sinks, and so much more. This buildup can instantly slow down the way water passes throughout your plumbing lines.


Water Valve Issues

When water is delivered to your home plumbing system from a city or county main water supply, this is controlled by the water meter valve and main shutoff valve. If you are suffering from low water pressure, there may be a possibility either of these valves are partially shut off or be broken and not open all the way.


Corroded Pipes

Particularly true in older homes, low hot water pressure can be caused by corroded pipes within a house’s plumbing system. Corrosion and limescale buildups in old steel pipes can be one of the biggest reasons for low hot water pressure, and this may mean having to replace your entire plumbing system.

Bent Water Heater Line

Most water heaters have copper water pipes that let water flow through. Copper can get easily bent and in this case can cut the flow of water down, reducing hot water pressure instantly. If you check your water heater and a line is bent, this is probably the culprit. If the bend is that not bad you may try to straighten it out, but if the line is too bent, then heading down to your local hardware store and buying a replacement line may be the solution.



Clogged Plumbing

Like with a lot of water issues, a lot of times the culprit can be a clog in your plumbing system. However, assessing the clog can take a bit longer and need the help of a professional. Call a professional and friendly plumber to help determine the clogs and right solutions so you can get your water pressure back to its best.


When it comes to hot water pressure, you always want to get to the root cause of a dip. Low hot water pressure may have a lot of causes, and sometimes it’s best to just get it assessed by a reliable plumber if you can’t figure out the cause. If you’re looking for a plumber in Riverside, The Original Plumbing Company is the perfect solution. This way you can get to the cause of low hot water pressure in your household and be given helpful advice along the way!


Easy Ways to Get Rid of Furniture You Don’t Need

Are you planning to downsize for your relocation? Do you want to get rid of old furniture so you can invest in some new and modern pieces? Even if you are moving and want to get rid of your furniture, there’s no need to stress over it. Instead of bringing old furniture out to the curb or driving it to the local dump, you should think of ways to dispose of the furniture effectively.


Here are some easy ways to remove unwanted furniture from your property without a lot of effort.


Easy Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture


Here are some great ways to get rid of old furniture:


1.   Announce a Garage Sale


Holding a garage sale is one of the best and oldest practices to get rid of furniture in no time. Organize and make a list of all the items you don’t need and then advertise the sale through friends and family. You can also use the internet and social media! Distribute flyers in your area so more people can turn up at the event. Remember not to overprice your items. Instead, give your buyers a good deal so you can get rid of everything fast.


2.   Donate Furniture


If you don’t have enough time to hold and arrange a garage sale, then think of donating it. This way, someone in need will be able to make good use of your old furniture. What a great thing!  Search the Internet for local non-profit organizations nearby so you can quickly drop off the furniture whenever convenient. Some organizations also pick up the furniture from your doorstep, which makes things even easier!


3.   List On an Online Website


Does the idea of dragging your furniture out of the house stress you out? Luckily, there are several websites online that deal in buying and selling used furniture and household items. You can register yourself on these websites and upload photos of the furniture you are hoping to sell. Once you receive a good offer in return for the furniture, you can either arrange a pickup or deliver it to the buyer through some delivery services.


4.   Give It Away


If you are in a situation where you cannot sell or donate your furniture, you can ask your friends and family if they would like to have it. You can take some pictures and videos and easily text them to your friends and family. Even though this practice might not help you make money, you will be relieved that your unwanted furniture has been put to good use.


In some cases, you will not be able to sell, donate, or repurpose your furniture. Unfortunately, this means you will need to take your furniture to the dump or simply put it out to your curb with a free sign if your neighborhood allows it. You can also call a local junk removal company to help. They typically come right to your property and haul your old furniture away.


Contact a Reliable Moving Company to Take the Stress Out of Your Next Move


For more help planning your relocation, hire reliable San Bernardino movers to handle the job!


Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Need to Keep on Hand

Just as you have various tools in your home for fixing minor problems, a plumbing tool kit is also essential. You don’t always need to be a professional to have plumbing tools on hand at home. Being a homeowner, you are always looking for effective ways to keep your house well-maintained and in good condition.


So, what should a typical residential plumbing tool kit include? Let’s discuss some tools to help you solve fundamental plumbing issues and are good to keep on hand for an emergency!


Plumbing Tool Kit Essentials


Your residential tool kit should include:


1.   Wrench


While you might already have a wrench in your residential tool kit, it’s a good idea to keep one close by for a plumbing emergency. A wrench set will help you fix any broken or loose toilet seats, adjust pipe connectors, and tighten faucets or fixtures. Additionally, many minor plumbing jobs require a wrench to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts. Therefore, having an adjustable wrench or wrenches in various sizes is essential.


2.   Hand Drill


If you know how to use it properly, a hand drill can eliminate the need to call a plumber to unclog your drain pipes. Using the hand crank, you can carefully enter the drain opening with the hand auger to remove the clog in the pipe. While it’s easy and quick, you need to be sure you know what you’re doing to avoid further damage.


3.   Plunger


While it might seem obvious, a plunger is a must-have tool for anyone who owns a home. If possible, you should have a plunger by each toilet in your home. You never know when a clogged toilet will arise and cause a significant issue! That’s why it’s always better to have a plunger nearby to react quickly to the problem.


4.   Pliers


Pliers help for a variety of reasons. There is always a chance that tiny or thin objects can get trapped in your drain, making it hard for you to remove them with your hands. In these cases, pliers can help you avoid a clogged drain. Keep a needle-nosed plier in your tool kit. They can also come in handy for tightening and loosening screws, bolts, and nuts.


5.   Duct Tape


Unlike other tapes, duct tape is water-resistant tape that will back you up in many ways. You can wrap duct tape around the plumbing leaks until a plumber arrives, and this can help stop the flow of water and avoid water damage to your property.


5. Caulk and Caulking Gun


Caulk and a caulking gun are undoubtedly plumbing essentials. They can help you perform quick fixes, such as sealing your toilet equipment. If a bidet, sink, shower, or toilet base needs to be adequately sealed, caulk can be your solution.


6.   Thread Seal Tape


As the name says, this thread-like tape will prevent your loose showers heads from leaking. It can also seal off faucet connectors and broken seals in your plumbing fixtures, stopping water damage and preventing more significant plumbing issues while you wait for a plumber to arrive.


While you still need to call a professional plumber for help, having these tools on hand can undoubtedly help avoid more significant issues when a plumbing emergency strikes.


Hire a Professional and Licensed Plumbing Company for Your Residential Needs


It’s crucial to hire a professional if you need work done on your residential plumbing system. Contact your local Riverside plumber to schedule an appointment for fast and affordable service.

How to Clean Your Sump Pump to Avoid Clogs

A sump pump is a pump that is used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump basin, which is typically located in the basement of homes. It helps prevent flooding in the house and eliminates moisture and buildup that has accumulated in the sump basin. If you get a sump pump installed, you won’t have to worry about flooding or structural damage, mainly when significant rainstorms occur.


As basement flooding is a common problem in most homes, sump pumps are vital. Still, they need to be taken care of properly. Let’s discuss the steps you need to take to keep your sump pump clean.


7 Steps to Clean Your Residential Sump Pump


Follow these steps to clean your sump pump and protect your property:


1.   Disconnect the Sump Pump


Before you start cleaning the sump pump, make sure you disconnect it from the power supply. You’ll also want to disconnect any other accessories like the battery and alarm. It is crucial to disconnect all the electronics because water can be harmful to them, and you don’t want to ruin them. Disconnecting the pump is also essential if you’re going to prevent electric shocks.


2.   Remove the Pump from the Discharge Pipe


Once you have disconnected the sump pump, remove the pump from the discharge pipe and carefully undo the screws and fasteners. This will allow you to separate the pump and pipe. When disconnecting the pipe, use a disinfectant or vinegar to remove the debris if you notice any buildup. This will also ensure that mold growth doesn’t quickly return.


3.   Separate the Pump from the Pit


To make sure that the cleaning is done correctly, remove the sump pump from the pit. This is the best way to clean the pump effectively. If you need more room to clean the pump, wrap it up in a plastic sheet and move to a more spacious area. This way, you won’t have to spill any dirt on your carpets or rugs.


4.   Clean the Pump Properly


To clean the pump properly from the inside, use a sponge or warm, damp cloth. This way you can easily scrape out all the dirt and debris gathered inside. If you feel too much dirt inside, use a garden hose on full pressure to remove any buildup.


5.   Sanitize the Pump and Basin


After you have cleaned out the pump, the next step should be to sanitize the pump and basin. Make sure you sanitize all cracks and crevices to prevent mold growth.


6.   Use a Vacuum


After the cleaning is done, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining water and debris inside the sump pump. Once you are done using the vacuum, don’t forget to empty the vacuum cleaner because leaving it full of dirty water can promote mold growth inside your appliance.


7.   Reconnect the Pump


The final step in your cleaning process should be to reconnect the sump pump and the sump pit. After that, attach the discharge pipe, add the screws, and plug the pump into the power supply. Turn on the power, and fill the basin with water to check if the pump is properly working.


Contact a Reliable Plumber for Your Drain Cleaning Needs


If you have an issue with clogged drains, it’s vital to contact a professional plumber immediately for help. Contact your local Pasadena drain cleaning service to schedule an appointment.

5 Refrigerator Features to Look Out For 2021

You’ve been looking to replace your refrigerator for a while now. Maybe you’d like to try out one of those smart refrigerators that can connect to Wi-Fi, or you’d like a different style of fridge for your household needs. In this modern age, there are a variety of refrigerators emerging from different brands that have a lot of convenient and interesting features. Would these details fit what your household needs? Here are 5 refrigerator features to look out for in 2021:


  • Wi-FI Connectivity: One of the most appealing features for many tech-savvy families is a smart refrigerator that can connect to Wi-Fi and offer owners the chance to remotely monitor fridge contents, make a shopping list, keep track of expiration dates, and much more. Many fridges, such as those from the Samsung brand, also have touchscreen panels that allow you browse the web, listen to music, browse recipes, and leave family reminders on a virtual board. Pretty neat, huh?
  • Energy Efficiency: If you’ve had a refrigerator for the last 16 years or so, chances are it’s using twice the amount of energy as most Energy Star Models, and hiking up your annual utility bills by hundreds of dollars. Keep an eye out for the Energy Star logo on modern fridges, as these have enhanced gaskets that seal tightly to prevent air from seeping out while you raid the fridge.
  • Glass Doors: A refrigerator with glass doors can lead to less time spent looking inside the fridge when searching for snacks. By being able to view fridge contents without opening the door, you’re letting uneven temperatures become a thing of the past and conserving energy.
  • Specialty Ice Dispensers: A survey conducted by Bosch (kitchen appliance extraordinaire) found that Americans consume over 400 pounds of ice each year. To match that, appliance brands are creating refrigerators with ice makers that produce high-quality ice quickly and in greater quantities.
  • Convertible Storage: If you find yourself needing more freezer space to store those buy one get two free freezer food deals you always shop, there are now some refrigerators with convertible storage spaces to meet your needs for extra freezer or refrigerator space. They also have temperature settings you can alter as well!


If you’re shopping for a new refrigerator, chances are you’re looking at hundreds of models and trying to narrow down your choices. It’s always important to take into account storage necessities and the size of your kitchen when looking for a refrigerator. As households continue to evolve and shift, appliance brands release new models of refrigerators with a variety of new features that border between convenient, impressive, and luxurious. Hopefully these newer features mentioned above will provide you with a detail you may have overlooked in your search for a refrigerator. Even the most tech-savvy fridge may need a repair or two in the future, so if you’re looking for appliance repair in Murrieta, contact Kwik Appliance Repair for a thorough repair job to keep your refrigerator working good as new!


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