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Why Is My Shower Smelly?

You’re stepping into the shower to get started on your nighttime routine, when you are hit with a very foul smell. If your shower has been smelly as of late, it can be due to a couple of reasons. You’ll want to learn more about possible causes for a smelly shower, so you can get on the case and get a plumbing professional to offer a solution, and fast! Smelly shower? Some of the most common causes can include:

Clogged Drain

If your shower is smelling foul, one of the most common causes can be a clogged drain. Debris, hair, soap residue, and other grime can become trapped in your shower drain over time, leading to a massive clog. This clog causes a major backup in your drain, which in turn causes a very bad odor to accumulate in your shower area.

Biofilm Buildup

Biofilm is a substance that forms from bacteria and bacterial waste. Long story short, it’s a form of bacteria that can stick to a variety of surfaces, including your shower. One of the most common types of biofilm to inhabit showers has a pink-orange tone. If your shower is smelling awfully unpleasant, it can be a result of this biofilm buildup.

Leaky Pipes

If there is a terrible sewage odor in your shower, this may be due to a leaky pipe under the shower or in the walls near the shower. Pipes should be trapping sewer gasses, so when there is a leak in one of them, there is pressure released and sewer gasses can escape.

Sewer Line Clog/Damage

If you notice a less-than-pleasant odor coming from your shower drain, the culprit may not even be your shower! In fact, the root of this foul odor may actually be a clog or break in your sewer line that is near your bathroom plumbing. In this case, all drains in your bathroom would be emitting some very bad odors.

Dry P-Trap

A p-trap is a curved part of your shower drain that catches and holds a small portion of water when you shower to keep sewer smells at bay. When there is no water in the p-trap, sewer gasses can travel through the drains and out into your shower. If you’re smelling something terrible, like rotten eggs, it may come down to a dry p-trap.

Let Plumbing Experts Handle Your Shower Woes…

If your shower stench is from a drain or other plumbing issue, let a plumber in Victorville or a plumber in Whittier get the job done! By letting a plumbing professional take care of your shower smells, you can get back to enjoying a nice shower without having to worry about getting hit with any bad odors or other plumbing issues. If you suspect one of the reasons above is the cause for a really bad smell in your shower, don’t delay! Call a plumbing expert to take care of this issue and leave you with peace of mind.

Benefits Of Regular Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance can do wonders for your vehicle. Did you know many vehicle owners delay car maintenance? By putting off car maintenance services, you are actually doing your car a disservice, but just how much?  Here, we’ll explore some of the benefits that come with regular car maintenance, and you’ll be surprised at just how much maintenance services can do for your car!

What Areas Does Car Maintenance Cover?

When it comes to car maintenance, some of the areas covered include:


  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotation
  • Checking and replacing fluids
  • Replacing air & fluid filters
  • & more!


What Are The Benefits Of Car Maintenance?

Benefits of regular car maintenance includes:

Increases Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

By performing regular car maintenance, you are ensuring your vehicle stays in excellent working condition for long. Cars that have regular maintenance services as needed go much longer without incurring damages and needing repairs. Your car will be able to be on the road for much longer with maintenance, making sure you don’t have to break your budget for a new car anytime soon!

Increases Your Safety

You want to make sure your vehicle never puts your safety at risk. With maintenance services, you don’t have to worry about parts breaking or your car stalling in the middle of the road. It’s safe to say that regular car maintenance can drastically cut the risks of your safety while driving.

Lowers Fuel Costs

When there’s something wrong with your engine or your tires need rotation but you keep putting off maintenance, this can actually start to affect your gas mileage. Due to the stress of any repair or maintenance issues, your car will have to work harder to make up for malfunctioning, and this will usually mean more gas being used up. By getting regular car maintenance, you are making sure that your fuel is not wasted and you are not making one too many trips to the gas station!

Helps The Environment

If you’re particularly passionate about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that getting regular maintenance not only Services your car, but the planet as well! When your car has been in need of maintenance for a while, it can start releasing harmful emissions, like smog, in greater amounts. By getting maintenance services, you are making sure to prevent this from happening, doing your part to keep the air clean!

When Should I Get Maintenance Services?

If you’re wondering when you should get maintenance services for your vehicle, it is recommended that you get maintenance completed at least every 12 months, sometimes sooner depending on how much mileage your car acquires!

Need An Auto Repair Shop In Yucaipa?

Regular car maintenance can benefit your vehicle in a variety of ways. For a Yucaipa auto repair and maintenance shop you can trust, call the dedicated crew at Import Automotive! When your car is well-maintained, you will notice the difference on the road. A happy car means a very smooth and happy ride!

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