Packing and moving into a new house takes a lot of work. It can be challenging to enjoy the exciting moments that come with moving with so much to do. Not only is it a challenge to pack up your entire house, but the stress of getting your fragile items there safely is the cherry on top.


Most fragile items are often sentimental and costly. They demand special attention and packaging. This makes them require even more care in handling, especially when moving. This article will offer four easy tips to help you pack your fragile items effectively.


Tips for Packing Delicate Items


1.   Plan and Pack In Advance


Before starting the packing process, consider the fragile items you have to pack and set them aside. If possible, make a list so you can plan more effectively. Consider anything in your house that could break during the move. This can be ceramic plates, glasses, lamps, electronics, and other valuables. Once you know what to pack, you can determine what materials you need to fill them effectively. You can also transport precious items separately to make sure they get the proper care they need.


2.   Do Not Overpack


While you don’t want to leave extra space for your belongings to move around, you also want to be careful not to overpack. Overpacking can increase the likelihood that your items will get damaged or that boxes will get dropped. A great option is to cover the inside of your packaging box with soft cloths or towels before adding your fragile items. This will ensure that there is no room to move around and that you don’t overpack. It fills in the space and keeps your things secure. Plus, it saves you space on packing towels!



3.   Use the Right Packaging Material


Picking the suitable packing materials is one of the easiest ways to plan the most effective move. Not only does this help with your entire move, but it also ensures that your fragile belongings get to your new destination safely. Fragile items have their own set of packaging materials that keep them safe during a move. Bubble wraps, padded boxes, and packaging paper are some materials that keep fragile items safe.


When you’re packing, consider surrounding items like TV and other breakable appliances with padded blankets and other protective materials. You should also consider using plastic totes or other materials besides cardboard to avoid the risk of your boxes breaking. Finally, for proper handling, stick a “fragile” label on the boxes. This will ensure that anyone moving them knows how to treat them.


4.   Use the Right Size of Boxes


Don’t overlook the particular requirements of your fragile items just to save money on boxes. Smaller items should be packed in small containers, while more oversized items should be packed in large boxes. For example, your TV needs to be packed in thin vertical cardboard and wrapped in bubble wrap.


In some cases, you might even need to get custom boxes prepared for your items if you do not want to risk them getting damaged. You can talk to your local mover for help picking the right size boxes. Some will even provide you with packing materials and help pack your items for an additional fee.


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