No one ever wants to deal with plumbing issues at home, but in some cases, they are bound to happen. Knowing that your hired plumber knows what they are talking about is one of the most important things to make sure of before hiring. Also knowing that your expectations of what the plumber will be able to do is important so that your expectations are able to meet the reality of what is going on.



Here are the 4 best questions to ask a plumber before hiring them.



  1. Are you or your company insured?


Knowing whether or not the company is insured and has insurance to protect their workers while they are on the job is important. If they are not insured, it can cause you to pay for any medical bills for the employees that are injured on the job while they are at your home. To avoid that unexpected cost, it is important to know if the plumber has insurance and if it is up to date. Protecting the plumber and yourself is very important so make sure that they do have the proper insurance before they come onto your property.



  1. Do you have any warranties available?


Before starting any project with the plumber, see if the plumber/company offers warranties on their work. If you can get a warranty for 90 days or even 5 or 10 years, it can help make sure you do not need to spend a large amount of money on a single project if it is not working properly or breaks. Warranties can sometimes be super effective and important if something disastrous happens right after any issue is fixed. A warranty can also help ensure that the plumber gets the job done correctly since they will not want to do the job twice.



  1. Have you ever worked a job like this before?


Knowing whether or not the plumber has worked on something like your project can help relieve the stress of something bad happening. Whether the project is small or large, knowing if it is possible for the plumber to do it is important. If they have never done the project, it might be better to look for someone who knows what to do with that specific project. Having someone inexperienced can lead to more problems created than fixed in your home, costing you more money.



  1. Do you/your company clean up after the job is completed?


It may seem like a silly question at first, but after seeing a project unfold and the mess that is created, it can be a very important question. Most companies and plumbers do end up cleaning up after themselves, but if they do not, it might not be a good idea to hire them. Some plumbers do charge extra for a cleaning, so it is important to ask beforehand and work it into your budget.



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