When buying a new air conditioning, it is important to get the proper system. A new system is an extremely important decision for any homeowner to make. It can be expensive, time consuming, and can have a major impact on whether or not your home is comfortable. People typically expect a smooth running and working air conditioner that helps always keep the house cool and always works, but sometimes that is not the case. The most important things to keep track of are what air conditioner and how the installation is going to happen. Those are the two most important factors since a mistake in either area can lead to an air conditioner that does not work and is not capable of doing the functions that are needed for the project.


On average, new units can last for about 17 years, but it is important, like previously said, to keep track of your system as well as know what you need. Shopping for a new air conditioner can take up more time and effort than you would think, but it is completely worth it so you can have a working and proper functioning system that will last you a long time.



Here are 4 important things to know and consider when purchasing your new air conditioner.



  1. Get a Contractor


It is vital when buying or installing a new system that you talk to a professional contractor. Contractors in this area of work know so much and if you do not use that resource it is possible that you will not get the proper equipment for your home. It is more important for installation though because the efficiency of the air conditioner can be dependent on the installation of the system.



  1. Air Conditioner Size


Making sure you get the right size air conditioner for your home is imperative. The wrong size can lead to you not having proper cooling for your home and an all around inefficient system. A system too small will not be able to cool your home. A system too large for your home will lead to the system running more often and wasting energy. Asking a contractor what you should do is quite helpful in this part of the process.



  1. SEER Ratings


The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured by something called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or also known as SEER. It is important to look for the right rating. The minimum requirement for a rating is 13 to 14, while the 14 to 22 range is more energy efficient.



  1. Annual Maintenance


After installation, it is important to speak with your contractor on what annual maintenance looks like. Having a tune up every year can help keep your system running longer as well as keep it efficient.



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