Leaks can develop in your home at any given time! If you notice a leak in your home, it is crucial you act as soon as possible and call a plumbing professional to bring solutions. Leaks can Sprout up from a variety of causes, some which may surprise you! The five most common causes of leaks in a home include:

●    Deterioration or Corrosion of Pipes

Wear to your plumbing can actually result in a leak! Deterioration and corrosion of metal and other types of plumbing pipes can cause a leak to form faster than you think! This can be especially true if your home is older and still has the original plumbing.

●    High Water Pressure

Though it may seem hard to believe, the intensity of high water pressure can cause wear to your plumbing. This in turn results in a leak. Your home may have high water pressure if you notice running toilets, banging pipes, leaky faucets, and a shortened hot water supply.

●    Clogs

A clog in your toilet or drain not only means trouble for your plumbing fixture, but it can even result in a leak!When clogs become even more severe, it can force water back up pipes. If this water is stagnant for a long time, it may begin to seep out from pressure buildup. This is why it is crucial homeowners address clogs as soon as possible!

●    Broken Appliance Seals

Not all leaks may be connected to your pipes. When appliances are newly installed, there is usually a rubber sealant placed around connections to keep everything tight and shut. This sealing does deteriorate and wear down over time. If your leaks are coming from your appliances, it is often due to a worn sealant.

●    Tree Roots

Oftentimes, a leak can develop from outside your home! This is due to interfering tree roots that may intercept with your water lines. How can you tell when the leak is outside your home? You may notice what spots in your yard, as well as further drops in your home’s water pressure.

What Can I Do When I Have A Leak?

If your home is suffering from a leak or multiple leaks, it is best not to wait! Ignoring leaks or taking too long to fix them can result in high water bills, structural damage to your home, and much more. Instead, make sure to enlist the help of a professional plumber to make sure your leak problems are being addressed.

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