There are many plumbing problems homeowners face daily. While many seem minor, some plumbing issues can quickly escalate into significant problems that leave you with significant expenses.


Luckily, a reliable plumber can easily handle most residential plumbing problems. Still, you need to know when to call for service if you want to avoid significant and costly damage. The best way to handle plumbing issues is to be proactive in your maintenance. When you keep an eye on your home’s plumbing system, you will be able to identify issues more quickly.


As soon as you notice a problem, you should call a professional for help before more significant damage occurs. So, how do you know it’s time to call a plumber? What issues are considered emergencies, and which ones can wait until regular business hours? Let’s discuss the clear signs that it’s time to call a plumber immediately.


5 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber Now!


The following signs indicate it’s time to call a plumber:


1.   Flooding


If you notice puddles of water on your bathroom floor, near your kitchen sink, or anywhere near a plumbing fixture, you should consider it a threat to your home’s plumbing system. Several minor issues can appear as small leaks but progress quickly into significant flooding.  As soon as you notice an issue, you should call a plumber right away to inspect your system. Ignoring the issue can result in significant damage that requires expensive plumbing repairs. To keep everything safe and reduce expenses, call your plumber immediately.


2.   Rising Water


When your drains are clogged, and water can’t pass through, you’ll notice water rising in your sinks, toilets, and shower drains. The water will continue to rise until you cut off the water supply or fix the issue in many cases. The water can continue to spill around the floor, damaging your property, furniture, and belongings and creating a health hazard. That’s why rising water should be considered a severe problem. Quickly call a plumber to unclog your drains and reduce the risk of significant water damage.


3.   Burst Pipes


Burst water pipes can be a significant problem for your property. Burst pipes don’t just require significant plumbing repairs, but they can also cause expensive water damage. In some cases, the water will continue to spurt out of the pipe until a professional comes to help. If you have a pipe burst, you should call a plumber to fix it as soon as possible. Since the water can move into your walls and furniture, significantly damaging your property, you’ll want to be timely with how you react.


4.   Running Toilets


Running toilets are a common issue that many homeowners face. Although it’s often more of a nuisance than an emergency, you should call a plumber for repairs. Running toilets account for significant water waste, increasing your utility bills. They can also lead to an overflow of contaminated water that can be very dangerous for your health.


5.   Low Water Pressure


Low water pressure is often a sign that there’s a cracked or broken pipe in your home. If you once had a good water flow coming out from your bathroom or kitchen taps, and now you are receiving low water pressure, you should call a plumber for an inspection.


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