Pawn shops are a convenient way to get rid of the items that you no longer need. You won’t just free up space in your home, but you’ll also get some extra cash.  Pawn shops can also help you when you need money, and you can’t get a conventional loan. So, what are some of the most common things pawn shops buy? Let’s discuss!


5 Things Pawn Shop Buys


Once thought of as a sketchy place to sell your items,  pawn shops are quite the opposite. There are many things you can sell to a pawn shop. Let’s look at the top five items that a pawn shop readily buys:


1.   Jewelry


Everyone loves a nice piece of jewelry, and there is no doubt that quality, affordable jewelry sells fast. If you have any authentic pieces with diamonds, silver, or gold, you can undoubtedly sell them to the local pawn shop. These types of items get you the most money and are quickly sold. Make sure the piece that you are selling is clean and not damaged. Even if you have damaged pieces, you can typically sell them to the pawn shop to be reused for the stones or materials.


2.   Designer Items


Designer clothes, shoes, handbags, and other items are always in demand. If you have any old designer items, such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel, you can sell them reasonably. Many designer items do not go out of style, no matter how old they are. That is why pawn shops always buy these items. Some shops will take used or damaged designer pieces because they are hot sellers amongst collectors who repair such things and either keep or sell them.


3.   Diamonds/Gems


As the saying goes, diamonds are forever! Like jewelry, diamonds also sell quickly at the local pawn shop. What’s even better is that your diamonds don’t need to be set. Pawn shops will also take loose diamonds. Your pawn shop will confirm the authenticity of your diamond before making an offer. Diamonds are always in demand and they will get you fast money at a pawn shop.


Similarly, gems also sell quickly. These stones are very valuable and can earn you a pretty penny. Before selling, make sure you check the market prices and do your research. This will ensure you get the best offer for your valuables.

4.   Watches


Watches are another luxury item that are commonly bought by the local pawn shops. If you have watches that you no longer use, you can get a good deal for them at the pawn shop. Designer watches or watches with silver, gold, diamonds, or gemstones will earn you an even bigger payout. These are often hot selling items because there are many collectors that value such pieces and will buy them at a high price.


5.   Firearms


If there are any firearms that you want to get rid of, you can typically sell them to your local pawn shop. Many pawn shops offer excellent deals on rifles, shotguns, or handguns. They can easily provide you a platform to remove any unwanted weapons in your custody and get some cash. Before selling, make sure that the shop has a license to buy and sell ammunition. You should also look online to make sure your local pawn shop deals firearms.


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