When at any sort of doctor’s appointment, it is important to know of any important questions or things in your life you need to ask your doctor about. This could be at any old health exam, the dentist, or even the ophthalmologist. These appointments are also the perfect time to get any clarifications on the respective field that the doctor works in. Asking these questions can help you get the most out of your appointment and any exam that is performed. When getting an eye exam done, it is very important you know and understand everything that is happening and get everything clarified for the future since your eyes and sight are a very important part of your lives.



If you are not sure about what to ask at your next ophthalmologist appointment, here are 7 questions that are perfect to ask.



  1. What tests are being performed?


Knowing what tests that are being performed can help you prepare for what the doctor is going to do. Some great follow up questions if you are unsure about these tests are “what is that test like?” or “what are these tests measuring?”



  1. What do the results of these tests mean?


Knowing what the results of your tests means is very important to help you understand what you need to do to help improve your eyesight or any issues with your eyes. If the issues cannot be improved, it can help you understand what is wrong and how to help prevent any more damage to your vision.



  1. Will I need to book follow up visits?


If the doctor needs you to book a follow up visit, it is likely they will tell you, but it is also important to ask just in case you are unsure or if the doctor does not say anything.



  1. What signs or symptoms should I look out for just in case?


Knowing what to look out for as possible new issues or worsening issues with your eyes can help make sure that issues can be prevented or slowed down so you can continue to have great eyesight.



  1. Can the problems with my eyes be treated?


If there are any problems that have appeared in your eyes or sight, knowing if they are treatable, and what to do if they are treatable, can help relieve some stress as well as help you understand what is happening with your vision.



  1. Should I prepare for any sight or vision changes as I get older?


In some cases, worsening vision as you get older can start to be noticed while you are younger and knowing if you need to prepare for worsening vision can help you get ready for the inevitable.



  1. What measures should I take to keep my eyes safe?


Knowing what you need to do in order to keep your eyes safe can help you prevent new or any issues occurring with your vision.



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