While seasonal changes are beautiful, many come with an increase in maintenance and problems. One of the most common outdoor plumbing issues we see comes during seasonal changes when leaks in your outdoor hose bibb become evident. Checking your outdoor plumbing should undoubtedly be part of your seasonal maintenance work. You don’t only want to make sure your hose is working when you need to water the garden. Still, you also walk to avoid plumbing damage and unnecessary repairs. After all, you don’t want the bright green grass in your yard to die because your hose is not working.


One of the most common causes of outdoor plumbing issues is when your hose bibb cracks with the change in seasons. So, what can you do to fix the problem? Let’s discuss!


Identify Cracks in Your Outdoor Hose Bibb


Luckily, you can prevent significant damage to your hose bibb by identifying an issue early on. Follow these simple steps to check for cracks or leaks:


  1. Cover the opening of the fixture with your thumb or hand.
  2. Let the water run.
  3. You will feel the water pressure increasing on your thumb or hand if the hose is working fine. If there is a crack in the hose, you will be able to hold the water back.
  4. Call the plumbing service if you feel the water flow is slow.


A leaking hose bib is not a common issue that could be ignored. It will not only deprive your yard of the water, but it will also waste energy and water constantly.


Tips for Fixing Your Outdoor Hose Bibb


  • When fixing something, the first thing you always do is turn off the power or water supply to your faucet.
  • Using a plier, try tightening the nut, especially if water is leaking from the packing nut.
  • If tightening the nut does not help, you will need to repair it or even replace it.
  • Remove the hose and clean the valves with the help of needle-nose pliers.


Since this is only a quick fix, it will not help you determine the issue with your hose bibb. You will have to get it replaced if none of the above fixes work. Call a plumbing professional who can identify the source and location of the leak.


Sometimes, it could be one of the small fixtures causing the issue, such as a spigot, packing nut, or washer. In other cases, the pipes leading to your hose bibb will also require replacement or repair. As the problem could be deep into the walls, you might need to replace the whole structure. The plumber will remove and replace whatever is required to fix the hose.


Depending on the severity of the problem, the repair bill will vary. Make sure the plumber has done their job correctly and not made a temporary fix. Over time, the surrounding plumbing components of the hose will also break down due to prolonged issues.


Contact a Reliable Local Professional for Your Plumbing Needs


If you have a plumbing issue, it’s essential to hire a professional to do the job. Contact a licensed Hemet plumber to schedule an appointment.