Just as you have various tools in your home for fixing minor problems, a plumbing tool kit is also essential. You don’t always need to be a professional to have plumbing tools on hand at home. Being a homeowner, you are always looking for effective ways to keep your house well-maintained and in good condition.


So, what should a typical residential plumbing tool kit include? Let’s discuss some tools to help you solve fundamental plumbing issues and are good to keep on hand for an emergency!


Plumbing Tool Kit Essentials


Your residential tool kit should include:


1.   Wrench


While you might already have a wrench in your residential tool kit, it’s a good idea to keep one close by for a plumbing emergency. A wrench set will help you fix any broken or loose toilet seats, adjust pipe connectors, and tighten faucets or fixtures. Additionally, many minor plumbing jobs require a wrench to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts. Therefore, having an adjustable wrench or wrenches in various sizes is essential.


2.   Hand Drill


If you know how to use it properly, a hand drill can eliminate the need to call a plumber to unclog your drain pipes. Using the hand crank, you can carefully enter the drain opening with the hand auger to remove the clog in the pipe. While it’s easy and quick, you need to be sure you know what you’re doing to avoid further damage.


3.   Plunger


While it might seem obvious, a plunger is a must-have tool for anyone who owns a home. If possible, you should have a plunger by each toilet in your home. You never know when a clogged toilet will arise and cause a significant issue! That’s why it’s always better to have a plunger nearby to react quickly to the problem.


4.   Pliers


Pliers help for a variety of reasons. There is always a chance that tiny or thin objects can get trapped in your drain, making it hard for you to remove them with your hands. In these cases, pliers can help you avoid a clogged drain. Keep a needle-nosed plier in your tool kit. They can also come in handy for tightening and loosening screws, bolts, and nuts.


5.   Duct Tape


Unlike other tapes, duct tape is water-resistant tape that will back you up in many ways. You can wrap duct tape around the plumbing leaks until a plumber arrives, and this can help stop the flow of water and avoid water damage to your property.


5. Caulk and Caulking Gun


Caulk and a caulking gun are undoubtedly plumbing essentials. They can help you perform quick fixes, such as sealing your toilet equipment. If a bidet, sink, shower, or toilet base needs to be adequately sealed, caulk can be your solution.


6.   Thread Seal Tape


As the name says, this thread-like tape will prevent your loose showers heads from leaking. It can also seal off faucet connectors and broken seals in your plumbing fixtures, stopping water damage and preventing more significant plumbing issues while you wait for a plumber to arrive.


While you still need to call a professional plumber for help, having these tools on hand can undoubtedly help avoid more significant issues when a plumbing emergency strikes.


Hire a Professional and Licensed Plumbing Company for Your Residential Needs


It’s crucial to hire a professional if you need work done on your residential plumbing system. Contact your local Riverside plumber to schedule an appointment for fast and affordable service.