Winter weddings allow you to experiment with so many cool (pun intended) variations of themes. If you are at a standstill while planning your wedding because you just can’t narrow down theme specifics or colors, then don’t worry. Every season, there are always seem to be emerging trends that can provide inspiration for future nuptial ceremonies. Here are some of 2021’s top winter wedding trends, so you can find inspiration for your big day!


  • Rose gold/ dark wine color palette- If you want a dramatic flair of colors for you wedding reception, rose gold and dark wine are two hues that offer both glitz and romance when paired together. From floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, and invitations, incorporating this palette into your celebration is perfect for a winter wedding.


  • Nature-inspired theme- Think snow collecting on trees and crisp green plants with cream and white hues. A nature-inspired theme is also the perfect choice if you or your future spouse have a green thumb. Decorate your event with natural elements such as ivy, leaves, and various plants and delicate flowers. Also, use natural pine cones, holly, and other ‘wintery’ natural elements to boost the nature aesthetic and wintertime season aspect of your wedding at the same time.


  • Velvet gowns and accessories- When we think of winter, we think of cozy candlelight, warm blankets, and incredibly soft and rich velvet. Velvet is an exceedingly popular material to sport in the winter, so you may want to think about incorporating this luxurious fabric into your wedding. Not sure how to add velvet to your wedding? Think bridesmaids dresses and linens.


  • Lights, lights, and more lights- Lights seem to give a winter feel no matter what time of the year it is. For your wedding, go all out on various string lights and hanging lights. Go for plentiful candle arrangements or suspended candle detailing. Have little lights woven around your welcome sign for guests, as well as to light up trails to and from your venue. Your wedding will definitely glow!


  • Outdoor weddings- There is something about the crisp coolness of winter that is making many couples say yes to an outdoor wedding. Keep warm with heat lamps, a venue with an outdoor fire pit, a coffee/hot chocolate bar to replace (or backup) happy hour, and other cozy elements. If you want to have an outdoor wedding but want to provide a space where guests can mingle in warmth, a tented space is the perfect solution.


Having a winter wedding can open your world up to a variety of new and innovative solutions for colors and decor. If you want to forgo traditional or add some funky new elements to your wedding celebration, the list above will hopefully provide you with inspiration. If you are having an outdoor winter wedding and would like to look into professional tent rentals in Santa Barbara, Town & Country Event Rentals is the place for you. Your winter wedding will dazzle guests and most importantly, celebrate your union perfectly!