Plumbing leaks can cause significant damage to your property and result in incredibly high repair bills. The major problem with plumbing leaks is that they aren’t always obvious. Many aren’t detected until the damage is already costly. Some hidden plumbing leaks are complicated to locate. That’s because many are located behind walls or in hard-to-notice areas. Some leaks also start as a minor drip that makes them more challenging to identify.


The good news is that you can be proactive with your plumbing leaks to avoid significant property damage. The best way to prevent costly plumbing leaks is to understand the tell-tale signs of a problem. Let’s discuss.


4 Obvious Signs of a Plumbing Leak


Let’s explore the most common signs of a plumbing leak!


1.   Increased Water Bills


If your water bill starts increasing dramatically, and you realize that you’ve made no significant changes to your daily water use, you probably have a problem. Normal fluctuations in the water bills are understandable, such as an increase in the number of people taking a shower in your home or an increase in bathroom usage from a party. However, if your bill is substantially higher, you need to check your property for a hidden leak.


You can easily compare your bills to previous bills to determine if there is a problem. Since plumbing leaks can quickly progress, it’s essential to contact a professional plumber immediately to avoid costly expenses.


2.   Accumulation of Mold and Mildew


Dampness and moisture is the leading cause of mold and mildew growth. Even minor leaks in your plumbing fixtures can stimulate mold growth. When you have a leak in your bathroom plumbing, mildew growth can be rampant because of shower humidity. If you notice visible signs of mildew or a new musty odor on your property, scheduling a plumbing inspection is a great idea. Since mold and mildew can be a health hazard, you need to act quickly when these issues occur.


3.   Foul Odors


When you leave a damp area untreated for a significant period, you will notice the smell of that moisture. Even if you are regularly cleaning, a musty smell can remain noticeable on your property for a long time. Look around your plumbing fixtures for signs of a leak. If you notice moisture buildup or suspect there’s a leak hidden deeper in your plumbing system, contact a local plumber immediately for repairs.


4.   Cracks in Walls


A more obvious sign of a plumbing leak is visible cracks or damage to the integrity of your walls and foundation. When water leaks through the inside of your walls or the structure of your home, it breaks down the integrity of your property over time. This can lead to significant problems that result in costly repairs.


Once cracks begin to form, you don’t need to just worry about surface repairs. You also need to worry about the entire structure of your property and water damage that goes deeper into the foundation of your home. If you notice cracks in your walls, contact a professional plumber immediately before the problem progresses to catastrophic damage.


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