High water pressure is as dangerous to your residential plumbing system as high blood pressure is to your physical health. If you have high water pressure in your home, you should address the issue immediately. Otherwise, you will find yourself facing significant damage that requires costly repairs. Let’s discuss some of the most common signs that your water pressure is too high.


Common Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High


If you are worried that high water pressure is dangerous, you can look for the following signs in your house:


Leaking Pipes


An increase in water pressure can cause stress on your residential plumbing system. Eventually, this can create holes or small cracks in your pipes that are not easily visible. This often results in water accumulation, mold growth, or other severe water damage. Leaking pipes in the floor, ceiling, or walls can result in more significant damage because they aren’t readily noticeable. If you have increased water pressure in your home, contact a local plumber immediately before leaks occur and progress.


Water Hammer

If you hear a loud clanking sound after you shut off a kitchen or bathroom faucet, then it most likely means you have high hydraulic pressure. This sound is commonly referred to as a water hammer in the plumbing industry because of the uncanny resemblance to the sound of a hammer. The noise is mainly due to the pipes banging into each other or to the surrounding framing.


Damaged Appliances


Does your dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater make loud noises? Are your appliances suddenly not working as they should? High water pressure can damage your appliances’ seals and mechanical pieces, eventually wearing them out and resulting in significant damage. While some companies provide a warranty for water damage, you should identify the issue immediately and contact a local plumber to adjust your water pressure.


Leaking Faucets


If more than one of your taps keeps running even after shutting off the faucet, you might have an issue with your water pressure. Another sign occurs when you open a tap and the water spurts or sprays out with force. An increase in water pressure often causes leaky faucets. Contact your local plumber immediately for assistance.


Running Toilets


A constantly running or involuntary flushing toilet means that the fill valve of the bathroom is at fault. This is often due to high hydraulic pressure that can cause the fill valve to wear down, causing water to leak into the toilet bowl. While there are several other causes of running toilets, you should call your local plumber to ensure that this issue isn’t caused by high water pressure.

Short Hot Water Supply


An increase in the water pressure can decrease the hot water supply in your house. This is because the speed with which the hot water is being withdrawn from the heater is greater. Therefore, the tank is refilled with more cold water at a higher pressure and speed, resulting in less time to heat it. The whole process eventually leads to a decrease in your hot water supply.


High Utility Bills


Another way to determine if you are dealing with high hydraulic pressure is to look at the water bill. If your bill has increased compared to your previous bills with no apparent reason, you might be dealing with high water pressure.


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