People love glass stoves for their minimalistic look and their ability to blend in any modern kitchen design. Having a glass stove is excellent, as you don’t have to clean burner grates or replace drip pans. Unfortunately, on the other hand, the slightest splatter or spill looks horrible on a glass stove which should be cleaned after each use.


Before starting the cleaning process, always make sure that the glass stovetop is cool for safety and to prevent any damage. Make sure to consult your manufacturer before using any cleaning products. Cleaning a glass stovetop is not that hard. Still, there are some essential tips to help you avoid damage to your stovetop. Let’s walk through the process.


Steps to Clean a Glass Stovetop


Here are the essential steps necessary to clean your glass stovetop:



  1. Dampen a reusable cloth or sponge with water and dishwasher soap mixture and wipe off any spill marks or stains on the stovetop.
  2. Always try to start the process with the products available in your pantry so you can save both money and time. Start by spraying some vinegar on the surface as a degreaser, then gently wipe down the surface using a cloth. Don’t use any sourcing pads or scrub brushes.
  3. There will always be stubborn liquid stains or marks on your stovetop. You can use a straight blade very carefully to remove buildup.
  4. Lastly, wash away the dirty water remaining with paper towels or clothes.


Baking Soda and Water Mixture


If vinegar does not seem to help much, sprinkle baking soda on the stovetop and let it rest for some time. To save yourself from scrubbing and scratching stubborn marks on your stove, try to add the cleaning task to your weekly routine. It will help you avoid a significant buildup that’s hard to remove.


Make sure you thoroughly rinse off and remove any cleaning product remaining on your glass top as it can damage your investment.  If you are concerned about the germs or bacteria lying on the cooktop, then using lukewarm water for the cleaning process will be more effective. It also helps loosen the strong and stubborn pieces of food stuck on the glass.


How to Clean Off Burnt Stains on Cooktop


If you wonder how to clean off burnt or baking stains on the stovetop, here is the solution. With the help of a 45-degree razor blade, you can very carefully scrape off the burnt pieces sticking to the glass. Make sure you use a knife specifically made for cleaning cooktops. If the burnt food seems too hard or sticky, try loosening it up a bit with warm water to let it soften before scraping it off with the razor. Repeat this process until your stovetop is clean, then spray the vinegar solution and thoroughly wipe down your surface to remove any stains left behind.


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